You have to Initialize Next year and depending on your planification you did, you may have worked through your Scheduling Next year to make the required adjustment, or you will complete it once your Transfer to current will be completed. 

Refer to: Aide memoire – Before Year-end roll over (Transfer to current) - Solution article 


Ensure that you have: 

  • Opened a ticket through SIS Support portal to request your Archives backup  
  •  Your new School Year calendar in hand -  with: 
  •  Semesters and Terms dates 
  •  List of your Holidays, PD Days, etc. 


STEP 2 – ONCE YOUR YEAR-EN ROLL OVER IS COMPLETEDhere is the principal areas who will need to be reviewed and set (if required) 

  • In Setup > School > School Schedule 
  • Review your School schedule (Semester/Term & Day/Period), that you have the proper settings for the upcoming school year 

In Setup > School > Calendar 

  • Add your Holidays, PD Days, etc. 
  • Verify if weekends are showing as an active day (Day of school), if you don’t need those, please open a ticket with SIS Support to request to remove those days 
  • Go to the three dots and verify your Semesters/Terms dates (ensure that you have no dates in red – if it is the case, it may be a weekend day, you will need fi fix it) 

In Setup > Class info, verify  

  • Homerooms, that you: 
  • add/remove Homerooms that you will need 
  • Verify the teacher’s name for each of them 
  • Verify the Schedule, room and the Achievement profile (if applicable) for each of them  
  • Courses, that you have all Courses who will be given next year 
  • Classes, that you: 
  • add/remove classes that you will need 
  • Verify the teacher’s name for each of them 
  • Verify the Schedule, room and the Achievement profile for each of them 
  • All other sections in Class info who need to be adjusted, if required 

In Setup > Marks & Comments  

  • Terms dates, you need to update the dates in order to reflect the Reporting period who will be in use for the current school year 
  • Lock/Unlock Terms, following your Terms, Lock and Unlock your Terms. NOTE for Secondary schools, the Final Terms needs to be always UNLOCKED 
  • Assign achievement profiles to classes, you can make a verification if you have additional courses/classes who don’t have achievement profile already assigned, if it was not already done during the Class file review 

In Setup > Attendance >  

  • Attendance codes, it is always good to review them. Note if you need to add/remove codes, that needs to be done at the Board level. 
  • Parameters, it is always good to review them. 

REMINDER for Students’ school status