The Transfer to new school year option transfers all the information from the 'next year' data into the 'this year' data as explained in the overview. This transfer (sometimes referred to as transfer to current) must be done by the board/district/division. The board/district/division must first run the transfer process, followed by each school. Once the central office has run the transfer process this option may also be used to monitor the transfer status of all the schools.

Alberta users, you must turn PASI OFF before you start the transfer to current process. 

Before rolling over to the new school year the board/division/district must perform the following activities: 

  • Use Scheduling next year > Year-end rollover > Clear online registration data to clear the staging table data for all schools (since all of the registrations should have been processed by now).
  • Request backup of your data (email support to request this backup prior to transfer to current) 
  • Boards with summer schools/ ConED schools will need to have two backups. 
  • Private schools with summer schools should wait to transfer to current once the summer school is completed.

Prior to running Transfer to new school year please confirm the following: 

  • The schools have run Scheduling next year > Year-end rollover > Archive Attendance & Achievement.
  • The schools have completed all the necessary lists and reports based on the previous year's data (e.g. the data in 'this year') including updating the student's completed courses (transcripts) and report cards.
  • The schools have completed all scheduling activities to the point that they can continue any additional activities in 'this year' (e.g. Scheduling next year menu options are not needed any more).
  • The schools have completed submitting all data submissions to requesting agencies.

Once the school has closed off the last school year, the board/district/division will be responsible for running the Transfer to new school year process.

Before rolling over to the new school year the board/division/district must perform the following activities: 

  • Make sure each school has Initialize next year (this most likely was done in Jan for schools to start scheduling) 
  • Archive attendance and achievement at all schools 
  • Clear Online registration data 
  • Request backup of your data 
  • Transfer schools to the new year, schools with the same patterns, terms can be done at the same time. 

The following settings should be in place before you start rolling the schools over. 

Board level> setup> calendar . custom Monday- Friday only

You will see the following pop up every time you go to transfer a school, this is a warning to make sure you have all your marks in history.  Simply write the phrase "No Marks In History". 

All access to the schools data will be prevented during the transfer process. This includes the use of the SIS, teacher/parent/student access, database updates, third party integration, scheduled tasks and other service queue tasks.