The Board level will standardize the baseline of their schools. In fact, the Board level will be the one who will structure the main areas to ensure that the Ministry of Education requirement will be meet

  1. Examples are:

  1. Codes – Course codes will be implemented for the schools to use. 

  1. Attendance codes - Define attendance code and reasons to be used by schools 

  1. Security – Define the Groups and permissions 

  1. Enrolment Tables -- Defined lists that are used by schools 

Another important functionality of the Board level is that at the beginning of every school year, when it is time to transfer to current, the Board level will first transfer to current then, always through the Board level the schools will be transferred to current. 

Board Transfer to New year checklist

Transfer to Next School Year


The School level will manage their daily tasks within their Board guidelines. They will also have the flexibility to adapt depending their needs: 

some areas at the school level they will manage are ;  I.E.: some Custom Fields, create/produce different reports, create their Staff/Students/Parents accounts.