Once you have received your file back from the OUAC, save it on your computer 

Go to Ontario Reporting > post-secondary >Import OUAC numbers   

Click on Location of file and select your file provided by OUAC, click on the check box beside your file, then click on the 2 arrows.  


Close the window, the process is completed.  

Go to the bell and download the S file:


1) We recommend to download the file on your desktop

2) If you download the file more than once, a number will show at the end of the file as (1), ensure that number is removed through RENAME you will not be able to upload your file as the Ministry site will not process it with an extension.


Note for OCAS, the last step will be OCAS eTMS card, in order to request transcript records from the Ontario College Application Service's electronic Transcript Management System (eTMS).