Troubleshooting Pay Period Calendar Import Issues

ISSUE: Pay Calendar Import is yielding errors and Pay Period Calendar is not in balance for the upcoming school year. 


Possible Errors include but are not limited to; 

Pay Period Calendar Import > Submit > Error Report


First step is to ensure that your Import Specifications align with your expectations; 

Board Control > General Tables > Import Profile Maintenance

**Ensure above matches both your expectations and Import File Data**


Next ensure parity among Group Level configuration for Pay Data

Payroll > Group Data > Basic Group Data

**Note that Number of Payments per Year is not in parity with Pay Type**

Payment Type B = Bi-Weekly (26 Payments Per Year) while Pays/Year = 22 assumes Semi-Monthly (S; 22 or 24)


Note: If a discrepancy is noted here as shown above, continue to Pay Period Calendar to confirm number of Pays and how to reconcile data. 

Payroll > Group Data > Pay Period Calendar

**Employee group should likely have 26 Payments Per Year, telling us Pay Type = B is CORRECT; however, Pays/Year should be updated from 22 to 26 in Basic Group Data**

**Notice Pay Numbers 202301 and 202326 are missing from the Pay Period Calendar**

  • End Date of the Last Pay is 08/11 when this is typically then end of August. 


Once all changes have been made to reconcile Pay Period Calendars, users must process Entitlements for the Employee group in question

Payroll > Pay Process > Entitlements > Submit

Payroll > Pay Process > Group Authorization > Submit

Note: Group Authorization is necessary as a means of confirming the changes produced by the Entitlements as this tell the system to commit the changes to memory


% Of Annual Salary = 1 / Number of Pays/Year



Bi-Weekly à 1 / 26 = 3.846%

Semi-Monthly à 1 / 24 = 4.167%

Weekly à 1 / 52 = 1.923%