Normally when a school does their Setup for the Attendance, the Attendance parameters will be defined for each Grade what will be the method used for taking the Attendance. 

During the School Year you discover that some students do not have the proper Attendance methodyou want to modify it. 



We recommend that you, at the beginning of each School Year, check the Attendance Parameters especially when you have made some modifications at your School. 

In the case that the school year has already started, and you want to make the modifications, here are the steps you need to take: 


1) Remove all attendance taken in each of the Student records ; 

2) Change the Attendance Method in the Student records from Period to Half day (Done through Student records > Class info > Classes > Grade in > Edit) 

3) Add back all attendance in Student records 



Remember: When Attendance Parameters are set at the beginning of the School Year, it will apply to the students depending on what was selected.