How to enter attendance  

For the Admin Staff – Edsembli, you are able to enter Attendance either through the Student record or through Attendance. 


Step 1: Menu > Student records > select a student > Attendance, select the date (by default it will be today’s date)  

Note:  This is the Calendar view 


Step 2: If you click on the drop-down menu, you will be able to select the appropriate reason 

Step 3: If you want to enter a previous or future attendance, you will need to use the “+” sign 

Step 4: You will need to change the dates, if it is for the whole day, you can select the checkbox, otherwise just select the period of the day. Then change the reason of the absence and click on DONE 

If you want to add notes related to the absence, go to the Notes section and you will be able with the “+” sign to add notes. 


  1. Attendance once entered are save automatically. 

  1. You can change the view of your attendance: 

Note:  This is the Table view 

Note:  This is the List view 

If you go to Summary you will have all the information on the same page. 



Step 1: Menu > Attendance > Enter attendance > Select how you want to enter the attendance 

Step 2: If the choice is Individual student after selecting it > Search for the student’s name and select 

Then you follow the steps, but it will be for today only. 


You can also know if your teacher did or not take their attendance.  If you select either Homeroom or Class, if you have the sign below, only your teacher who did not do their attendance will show. 

If you click on the sign, that will show you all of them with the Yes and No. 



That card allows you to lock your attendance in order to make verifications with your Call home. 



That card will show you on a specific date and selected criteria, the student who are absent and allow you to make verifications. 



On the teacher’s portal depending of the permissions set by the Board/School, they will be able to take their attendance either by Homerooms (mainly for Elementary school) or by Class (Secondary/High schools).  Teachers will also to manage their sitting plan, take their attendance and print lists.

Main page 

Attendance and Seating Plan 


Homeroom Attendance / Class Attendance 

Depending on your Timetable, you will have your classes attached to a Homeroom or display your Classes.   

Attendance and Seating Plan 

You will be able to organize your Class sitting plan and do your Attendance. 

Class List with Attendance / Print Attendance Registers 

Will provide you with different type of lists 

Teacher’s Class List 

This is one of the displays – Class Attendance 

Click in one of your classes to see your Class list and take your attendance. 

By default, your students will be present P, if all your students are present, click on the check box “Attendance taken” and “Done”. 

To change the status of a student, click on the you will find the pre-determined selection for the other reason of absences. Select it, it will save it automatically.  

Finally, once your attendance is completed click on the check box “Attendance taken” and “Done”.  

Your Attendance have now been taken.