When you have issues related to Attendance not showing on Teachers’ ConnectEd portal, here are a few questions which you can review for troubleshooting:

First, a good starting point is to check if the student(s) appear(s) on the Class list. 

Steps to follow: Setup > Student reports > Class info > Class – This Year

Question #1: 

One of our students have different Attendance methods set up from the set Parameters or from the rest/majority of the Class.  Steps to follow: Student records > Class info >Classes

Additional information:  

Depending on the Grades a school, parameters will be setup for Elementary schools to take their Attendance AM/PM meaning Half-Day, and as for High school, it will be set by Period.
In the case that a school cover grades from J-12, "Both" will be applicable.

Steps to verify the Parameters: Setup > Attendance > Parameters. 



Answer for #1: Attendance method cannot be changed halfway through the year, it needs to be changed from the beginning of the school year. If the school wants to change the student Attendance method for Half-day/Period, they will need to remove all their previous attendance records individually for all students, then change their Attendance method for Half-day/Period as mentioned previously and reenter all their previous attendance records individually.  


Question #2: 

The class was created but the students were not assigned to the class, so the teacher will not be able to see the students.  

Steps to follow: Setup > Class info > Classes - this year 

Solution #2aStudent need to be assigned to the Class either by adding the class through  

Menu > Student tools > Timetable > Add  

Solution #2b: Menu > More tools > Assign all of a fielddepending on the situation


Question #3: 

Sometimes a school added classes to Student’s Timetable after the start, either of the School Year, or after the class start date. How can I correct this?

Solution# 3: In that case, the Class Enroll start date needs to be changed.
You need to compare what is in the Register with the Class file and make sure that they are the same.  

Step to follow: Student records > Class info > Timetable > Edit Register

This can be manually changed on individual records, or you can submit a support ticket to change the dates for all students. 

  1. View from Student records  

  1. View from Class file