Not able to see the student in Attendance / Homeroom or in Markbooks, here is one of possible issues. 


A student was Registered either at the same time than the other ones or was register after the start of the School year.  You’ve entered the classes in the Student timetable and assigned or not a Homeroom. You did add/dropped classes, but for some reason you cannot see them in the Student records in the Register. When trying to add either the classes or assign a Homeroom an error message shows up that it has Duplicate: 



  1. 1. You will need to remove the dropped classes in Register, to remove the duplicates: Go to Student records > Class info > Timetable > Register (3dots - Ellipse) 


2.  Ensure that all Classes are included in the Register as it is linked with the Attendance. 

3. Also ensure that if you enter new Classes in the Register that the Class enrolment start date is the appropriate one. 

4. For the Homeroom, did you use: Student tools > Utilities > Assign all of a field - Select by – Student's name, in Selected field - Class information > Grade information > This Year Homeroom - select the Homeroom