Attendance Contacts Notes (Ontario Only)


Ontario users will see a Contact Notes button on the Attendance Tab within Student Records. This has been added to adhere to the new 'Daily Attendance Record' requirements mandated by the ministry. As of February 1, 2011, schools are now required to track contact that is made by the school to a SAL or Prolonged Absence Student. When contact is made, a 'C' must be indicated on the student's Attendance Register.


The user has the ability to Add/Edit an entry for the student. Within the add/edit area, a new checkbox called 'Contact with Pupil' has been added. Similar to the attendance notes area, users also have the ability to enter any notes related to this contact made.

Mark the student with the code 'C' under the attendance tab in the student record 

Under the student record>attendance>notes> a new contact note must be entered if you wish to see the letter 'C' on the attendance register 

Change the date, check Contact with pupil and add a note>save

Contact with Pupil will now show in the notes 

If you go an print the attendance register the following 'C' will now appear

Please note if you do NOT enter the Contact note as mentioned above the code 'C' will not appear on the register and will show as a regular absence code.