If you receive this error message, this typically means the username or password is not correct in your edsembli setup

Things to verify:

Board level>main menu> setup>Board Info> OSBIE contact section >OSBIE setup> SAVE 

URL, User name and password 

OSBIE Contact > edit> fill out sections> SAVE

Name, email address and phone number

Submit again to OSBIE, if you still get an error message double check the school setup. Change to the school> main menu> setup> school info > verify the school's name, address and phone number match in OSBIE.

Troubleshooting Tips:

All Schools MUST exist in OSBIE

All information is CASE ,space and comma sensitive, if the information in OSBIE doesn't match in edsmebli the submission will fail. 


If you enter the school's name as Test School in edsembi, and in OSBIE the name is Test School High School the submission will fail.

If you enter the address as Test Street in edsembli, and in OSBIE the address shows as Test ST the submission will fail. 

If you enter the school phone number as 9999999999 in edsembli, and in OSBIE it shows 999-999-9999 the submission will fail.

Everything must match in order for the submission to be successful.