School cannot submit the OSBIE form.

The log will indicate the following:

Respose: soap:Server: Server was unable to process request. ---> Could not find School with the provided details filled in form.

This is often due to school information not matching between SIS and OSBIE. Mismatch can include any or all of school name, address, or telephone number.

OSBIE has a database of school information that must match the edsembli school information.

Go to School > Setup > School information, and on the OSBIE setup card, click the edit icon. There are two different ways to ensure this info matches with OSBIE:

  • Email OSBIE to ask for the information that is entered on their side, and copy and paste into the fields provided in edsembli, or;
  • Copy and paste the information from the edsembli fields into an email to OSBIE so that they can update the info

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Information should be relayed to OSBIE by emailing Hy Minh Tran

Error Message: Missing Principal fields 

This error message means that one or both of the principal fields on the School > Setup > School information are missing or incorrect.

Go to School > Setup > School information, and on the School information card, check the Principal details to ensure they are correct.  

On the Email card, if an email address is not present for Principal, head to School > Staff records > Personal > Contact info card to enter this information for the principal.

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