You have Attendance that you want to take on an EXAM Day, but that EXAM Day does not affect all your student / all grades, only specific one(s). 

Normally, once your Calendar has EXAM Day(s) set, this rule applies to all students in the school 

If, as example, the EXAM Day(s) apply only to your Grade 12, here are the steps to follow to be able to take attendance for all your grade including the EXAM DAY(S) 


How to take your Attendance: 

  1. 1. Set the day as a normal day 


2. Take the Attendance for all your classes with the exception of your Grades who are writing Exams.


3. Go back to your Calendar and change it to EXAM Day 


4. Enter attendance in EXAM attendance, select the date > Edit 



Additional information:

Exam day attendance: The Exam day attendance card appears If a school's calendar has dates that are set up as exam days.

On exam days, regular period attendance does not apply and therefore these dates don't appear in the Attendance card.

These dates appear in this card where the school can record morning/afternoon attendance for these students.

Select the date to access the morning/afternoon attendance for the exam day.