The Potential Ontario School report has been deployed to all ON boards and secondary schools in those boards. If you don’t see this report, please contact support.

How to run the report:

Hamburger menu>student reports>report builder>run>exports>Potential Ontario Scholar export

Click on report and RUN > select your criteria> change print option to CSV > click print icon bottom right corner.

Click on your bell icon > go to tasks> click on the completed report and download

You will need to insert a pivot table to calculate the average marks based on the number for courses. The schools will also need to delete any courses not needed for the average mark calculation.

Note: this report includes only grade 12 students, only transcript entries with a grade of 12, and only semester 2 classes with the number 4 in the code (also excludes K classes).

How to create Pivot tables for the Potential Scholar Report


Open the Ontario Scholar Report:

Insert a column to the left of column D

In D1 type: Student

In D2 type the first student's Last Name, First Name from C2 & B2 > Enter

Data tab > Flash Fill

This will fill in the column with all of the students' Last Name, First Name

You can delete columns B and C if you want


To insert a PivotTable:

Click on A1

Insert > Pivot Table

Leave the information that appears in the Create PivotTable popup > OK

The PivotTable will be created on a new sheet.


In the PivotTable Fields:

Click and drag Student to Rows

Click and drag Course to Values

Click and drag Mark to Values

Click on the dropdown beside Mark > Value Field Settings > Sum > Ok


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You will now have a pivot table that shows three columns: 

Student, Count of Course, Sum of all the Marks


If a student has more than 6 courses and you delete the lowest mark course(s) from the original data, click on the Sheet # where the Pivot Table is located >  Analyze > Refresh > Refresh All

The pivot table will automatically update with any changes you make from the original data.