How to generate the Full-Time & Part-Time Enrolment Registers

The Full-Time and Part-Time Enrolment Register card follows the Business rules and regulations provided by the Ministry of Ontario.  Generally, the pupil's enrolment status is determined by the number of minutes a pupil is 'registered for classroom instruction' per school day. For more information on the yearly updated business rules, go to:

1. This report can be run from the Board or School Level. In this example, it is being created at the school level.

Select the 'Main Menu.'

2. Select the 'Ontario Reporting.' chevron to expand to see the options.

3. Select 'Enrolment Registers.'

4. To create the 'Full-Time' Register, select 'GO' on the card.

5. The default for the report is 'Official Registers.' You can change that option. 'Print all registers' is also the default under 'Registers by Grade.' You can select the register you would like to create. For 'Other Options,' the default is 'Alphabetically.' This can be changed to 'Homerooms.'

6. In the 'Details tab,' below you can see when the 'Other Options' has been changed to 'For each Homeroom' for the 'Summary Report.' 'School age students' is the selection for 'Report on,' and 'Designation' is selected for 'Sort Homeroom by.' Selecting the 'Floating action print button' will provide you with the details list.

7. This is a sample of the 'Details' report showing the Homeroom information, students, grades, Admissions information and whether there have been any changes.

8. By Selecting the 'Monthly Summary' tab and selecting the same criteria as the 'Details' tab, it will give the user a breakdown by month of number of students in each homeroom.

9. Once the report has been generated by selecting the 'Floating Action Printer button,' your request will be sent to the 'Notification Bell.' Once the report has been generated, select the notification bell to locate the file, or go to the 'File Manager.'

10. Select the 'Full time summary - Completed.'

11. Click 'Preview - FullTimeRegisterSummary.pdf.'

12. Below is the 'Monthly Summary' report. You can see that there is a signature line, and they appear on OnSIS submission period months. This is for the principal to sign as these are the official enrolment registers.

13. Click the 'back arrow' at the top-left inside Edsembli SIS to go back to the Enrolment Register screen or 'Close' at the bottom right-hand side.

14. To generate the 'Part-Time' registers, select 'GO' on the 'Part-Time' card.

15. Select 'Official Registers' on the 'Details' tab.

16. Continuing on the 'Details' tab, just like the 'Full-Time' Registers, you can sort the list how you would like. You can choose to sort 'Alphabetically' or 'By Homeroom.'

17. Select the 'Floating Action Print button' to begin generating the 'Details' report.

18. A toast will pop-up showing that you requested a report. Select 'OK' to confirm the request.

19. Once your report is ready, select the 'Notifications Bell.' Following the same steps as you did for the 'Full-Time' Register report, select, and preview the 'Part-Time Detail' report.

20. If there are students that appear on this list, they are registered as part time students. If they should not be, go to the 'Student Records' > 'Enrolment' and correct the data.

21. You can also run the 'Monthly Summary' report if you have students who were on your 'Details' report.

22. Follow the steps outlined in the 'Full-Time' report.

23. Select the 'Part-Time summary' report Completed.

24. Select 'Preview - PartTimeRegisterSummary.pdf.'

25. Here is a sample of the 'Part-Time' Monthly Summary report. Signature lines appear on this report at the OnSIS submission period dates, as this is the Official 'Part-Time' Enrolment register.