Note: October submission Second Language program Extract is not required – Why?  This is a new submission, and everything was closed off in June including FSL.  All students FSL will be uploaded in October.


Please also note that moving forward you MUST when sending the Student School enrolment send the Second Language program at the same time.  This was changed in March of last year due to the fact that if a student left within the submission period the batch file needed the dates to know whether to send FSL with the inactive student or not.


This is how it will look the first time you send up a batch file, 

remembering that if you need to send school enrolment and FSL a second time you will have to PURGE in edsembli to make sure the information is uploaded again correctly, then you may continue to use each item singularly.

You do still have the option to send everything all together if you wish.

This new process is for both Secondary and Elementary schools.