Pre-requisites for OnSIS


Assign OEN numbers


All publicly funded students must have an OEN (Ontario Education Number).  All privately funded secondary students attending an inspected Ontario secondary school also require OENs.  When OnSIS collects elemental student data, the OEN is used to identify the student.   

The Ontario reporting - Ontario Education Numbers (OEN) option has tools to assist with identifying students without OENs, requesting OENS from the Ministry, and importing those OENs into your students’ records.

Use the Students without OENs option to determine whether the school has student(s) who do not have OENs assigned.

Choose Ontario reporting, Ontario Education Numbers (OEN) from the main menu.

Select the GO button on the Students without OENs card to access the Students without OENs page.  If there are students on this page that need to be issued an OEN you will have to go to the OEN website to either issue a new one or find an existing one.   Do not issue a new one if you find one that is already existing, you must use the existing number if available.


Now that all the students have an OEN assigned, please make sure they are all registered correctly and timetabled accurately.



Add, Correct update, any educators missing from your staff list


As with students all educators also have a number assigned to them from the ministry this is called a MEN (Ministry Educator Number) staff who must have this number are Teachers, LTO, Principal, Vice Principal, ECE.  This number is usually issued by the HR Department at your board, but Private Schools will have to issue them also for their staff.  Please go to the OnSIS website to issue any needed numbers for staff.

Things to watch out for on your educators:

                Their FTE cannot be greater than 1.0 – if they are a shared teacher watch the FTE

If you flag your educator as Teaching/Leading they must be associated with classes/courses/subjects.

                Elementary Homeroom teacher must have the Core check box ticked on

                Subject only teachers do not click the core box

                Non-Teaching educators must have an instructional type associated to them

                Principals and Vice-Principals must have an instructional type associated to them.

                ECE is always Teaching/Leading but do not click the Core Box.

Now that all your educators have a MEN assigned make sure they are all timetabled accurately so when you send up this information to the ministry it will associate the Homeroom, subjects, courses, and classes correctly to your staff.