Pre-Validation October Submission


The Pre-validation option generates a report that detects potential errors and warnings based on the OnSIS business rules. The option is available for these submission periods:


  • October elementary school
  • October secondary school
  • March elementary school
  • March secondary school
  • June elementary school
  • June secondary school
  • Elementary school suspension/expulsion
  • Secondary school suspension/expulsion
  • Continuing education for day school (IILE/Literacy & numeracy)
  • Night/continuing education school
  • Summer school
  • Care and/or Treatment, Custody and Correctional (CTCC) facilities


Choose OnSIS > (submission period) > Pre-validation and select the CREATE button on this card to access the pre-validation report or reports specific for the submission period.


The pre-validation form will be similar to the example below, however the pre-validation options are unique to the submission period.  Here is an example of the form:


If the pre-validation reports are run from the board, the reports can be run for all or selected schools.


Check the box corresponding to the pre-validation report to be generated.  Then select the CREATE button in the bottom bar. Once the report has been submitted to the task queue, you may leave this application or generate other reports. You will receive notification when your report is ready. Reports are saved in file manager under Provincial > OnSIS > Batch files > October (the selected submission period).


The pre-validation reports are the same reports that are automatically created when the batch files are created, however the batch files are not created when using the pre-validation option.  Schools are encouraged to run the pre-validation reports prior to the submission period, and to run them regularly to ensure that no new warnings have been introduced.  For example, the school may run this weekly leading up to the October 31 submission period, and then when that submission is signed off, they may run them regularly using the pre-validation option in the March submission period.


Here is an example of a report:

As you can see in the above examples the pre-validation will specifically tell you what the error will be for each student. If you clean these records up prior to your submissions period you will have less critical errors from Onsis when you try and sign off.