ONSIS - Pre-Validation Errors


Class Info Errors 

Error 1: Credit value of zero is only valid for K courses 


This error requires action. All courses in a OnSIS submission must have a credit value greater than 0. To change the credit value, go to Setup- Class Info- Classes- This Year, edit the course that is getting this error and enter a valid credit value. 



Error 2: Class excluded because course is not 9-12 


In the scenario that your school includes middle school grades or is a K-12 school, you will see an error for each course that doesn’t have the grade set as 9-12. This is useful information in case you mislabeled a course by accident but ultimately no action is needed here. The report is just letting you know which courses are not getting included in the high school OnSIS. 


Error 3: Class excluded because it’s set to exclude from OnSIS submission 


For this error, the report is noticing that the course is checked off as being excluded in OnSIS. If this is intentional than no action is needed. If the course should be included in OnSIS then go to Setup- Class Info- Courses- This Year, edit the course that is causing the error and uncheck the box that excludes the course in the OnSIS submission. 



Error 4: Classes separated because one is e-learning and one isn’t 


Like this error says, you can’t group an e-learning class with a regular class. Ultimately, no action is needed here since edsembli will automatically send the classes up separately. However, if you want to fix this you can go to Setup- Class Info- Classes- This Year, edit the online class that is grouped with a regular class and either ungroup it or change the course type to regular.  



Error 5: Multiple of the same homeroom number 


Ultimately, since edsembli has a process to assign duplicate rooms as type regular, action is not required here but it is recommended. There should not be multiples of the same room number at your school. The recommended action here is to either delete the duplicate room or rename it to a different number. You can do that by going to Setup- Class Info- Rooms- This Year to decide what you will do to fix the duplicates.