How to Backdate Seniority Service Eligibility

GOAL: To provide a solution overview for the situation when Board Employees are hired and grandfather in Seniority Service, resulting in a backdated Eligibility Start Date and increased Vacation accruals. 


Staffing > Staff Management > EID > Employee Spotlight > Seniority Service

**Eligibility Start Date currently = Original Hire Date**

Note: Employee Seniority Service records can not be modified and therefore must be deleted and re-created. 


Edit > Action Icon > Delete


Edit > Add New

Configure all required fields for the new Seniority Service record. 

Use Eligibility Start Date calendar function to backdate. 

Note: Ensure to enter the appropriate Seniority Service Value. This will serve as the starting point for calculations and accruals going forward. 

  • Serves as a "previous value" in the system, serves as a starting value

Example: Seniority Service from 2015-2022 is 7. 

  • Seniority Service Value =7
  • Up until this year, employee has a Seniority Service of 7
    1. All calculations from here on will be added to this value

Enter Last Calculation Date = 2022/09/01 

  • Starting from the end of your Manual Calculation

This tells the system to run Seniority Service from that point onward à 2022/09/01 to Current Date


Staff Management > EID > Seniority Service > NEW Backdated Record


Staffing > Staffing Reports > Seniority Service Allocate

Configure the Calculation Up To Date and Trial/Update mode. Once complete, Save, and then choose Submit to run the process. 


Reports > Process Reports > Seniority Service Allocate > View PDF/Excel


Board Control > Absences > Absence Group > View

Note: The difference in credits allocated based on Years of Seniority Service. 


Absence > Absence Auto Allocation > Absence Group > Submit Trial = Y > Save > Submit


Reports > Process Reports > View PDF/Excel


Absence > Absence Auto Allocation > Absence Group > Submit Update = Y > Save > Submit