Configuring New Activity Codes

ISSUE: How to add new Activity Codes to easily identify additional activity status’ such as Retired, Resigned, Terminated, etc. 

FIX: Users are able to configure Activity Codes under Board Control > Miscellaneous Codes Maintenance module for use within the application. All desired Activity Codes can be configured here. 


Board Control > General Tables > Miscellaneous Codes Maintenance

Choose Code Type = AC (Activity Codes) by clicking on the blue hyperlink

Here you can view all of the configured Activity Codes, descriptions and Status. 

Note: You will only be able to use Codes that have Status = A, Active. 

Inactive Status is only used to retire old codes from further use. 


Choose Edit > New to create a New Activity Code

Choose Save to update your changes, a green notification will confirm the changes have been committed. 


Staffing > Staff Management > Search > Employee Information > Employment tab

Choose Edit > Activity dropdown

Here you can see a complete list of Activity Codes to select from, including the newly created “NEWTERM” 


Continue to create new Activity Codes as desired, and feel free to audit the existing Activity Codes to make certain that any old code that is no longer being used is also set to Inactive. 

Ensure you Save after making all of your changes.