Defining Relationship Status for Employee Onboarding Emergency Contact

ISSUE: When onboarding a new Employee, there are no (none) appropriate Relationship options to configure when defining Emergency Contacts. 


Staffing > Staff Management > Add New Employee Wizard

Configure Personal, Address and Employment Information to view Emergency Contact Details

Note: Relationship status field is a required field as indicated by the highlight. 

This information must be populated in order to Add Contact and Save the new Employee.


FIX: Emergency Contact Relationship status’ can be defined under Miscellaneous Codes for configuration during Employee Onboarding. 

If there are no options, or the dropdown is missing specific Status types, they can be defined. 


Board Control > General Tables > Miscellaneous Codes Maintenance > Search

Code Type = ER indicates the Employee Relationship Miscellaneous Code


Click the blue hyperlink for ‘ER’ under Code Type to view all defined Codes

**Ensure all relevant Employee Relation (ER) Codes you want are Active Status


Choose Edit > Add New to define a new ER Code

Configure a Code, Description, Abbreviation and Status, and then choose Save to update your changes. 

Note: Ensure the Code configured is unique. 

Codes that are no longer used can simply be deactivating by toggling the status from Active (A) to Inactive (I). 


Once ER Codes have been overhauled, all changes will immediately available for use under Add New Employee Wizard