Employee Termination Module Location: Staffing > Employee Termination > Employee ID


OTIP Report Field “Work Status” maps from Activity Code under Employee Termination module

Important Note: Ensure that Activity Code is properly mapped to Termination Code


Termination Code T = Activity Code Terminated

Termination Code R (Retired) = Activity Code Retired

Activity Code Inactive also works for OTIP

Sample Termination:

Sample Retired:

Sample Inactive:

ISSUE: The desired Activity Code is not present in the dropdown menu

FIX: Activity Codes are defined under Board Control > General Tables > Miscellaneous Codes Maintenance


ISSUE: The desired Termination Code is not present in the dropdown menu

FIX: Termination Codes are defined under Board Control > Benefits > Benefit Provider Configuration


Scenario: Someone who is terminated comes back to the board and is re-hired

When someone is Terminated and then rehired - navigate to Staffing > Position & Assignment and populate the Rehire Date field


Outcome: This will make the employee Active again and allow the rehired employee to maintain all of the same details/records such as Employee ID etc. from before. 


The system will not allow for a second Employee Record for the same employee as there would be a variety of duplicates and cause a bunch of issues with reporting - thus the Rehire Date is used to bring a terminated employee back, instead of adding them back as a New Employee