How to Configure Annualized Salary for OTIP

Issue: Employee needs to annualize salary based on different FTE on a per semester basis. 

Staffing > Position and Assignments > Employee ID in question


Setup Instructions:

1 - Ensure the Employee Group is configured under Board Control > Benefits > Benefit Carrier Code Config

2 - Create 2 Positions: 1 from YEAR/09/01 to YEAR/01/15 (First Semester, end Dates may vary)

                                    2 from YEAR/01/16 to YEAR+1/08/31 (Second Semester, Start Date = prev End Date = 1)

3 - Ensure both of the Position Records have Annualized = Y

4 - Ensure both are further configured to OTIP accordingly (Benefit Plan, Carrier Code details) 

Save and run entitlement if necessary



Benefits > Imports and Exports > Generate HRIS File > OTIP 

Processes > Completed > Position File

2 Positions Reporting Annual Salary of $24,444.00

2 Positions SUM $48,888.00 



Compensation > Salary and Allowance > Same Employee ID

Annual Salary = $48,888.00

Note: If Staffing changes are to occur, and say the second semester FTE is updated, you can simply update this change in the Position Records for Staffing > Position and Assignment

Once this change is updated, the Annualized FTE will automatically update come the next MPL File, and in turn OTIP will provide updated deductions for Payroll.