DESCRIPTION:  TEMP/Casual groups that are Timesheet/Hourly not loading onto MPL File.


ROOT CAUSE: Temporary and Casual groups that are Timesheet/Hourly do not have a defined Annual Salary, which is what MPL Files reference. 

User's must enter a 'Benefit Salary' for these members to act as an Annual Salary for the system to substitute in. 


Formula to estimate timesheet salary: 


Benefit Salary = Committed Hours * Hourly Rate 



FIX: Populate ‘Benefit Salary’ field by going to Compensation > Salary and Allowances > Populate ‘Benefit Salary’ field



Benefit Salary = Committed Hours * Hourly Rate 


Populating this field will allow the system to use this Benefit Salary in the Annual Salary field of the MPL files and have an Employee populate under Member File with Status = A, along with the Position File with this salary. 


Populate ‘Benefit Salary’ field by going to Staffing > Approved Leaves > Populate ‘Benefit Salary’ field



Benefit Salary = Committed Hours * Hourly Rate 


Populating this Benefit Salary while an Employee is on Leave will (for the duration of the leave) have the Employee populate under the Leave File and have Status = I under Member file. 



If after populating Benefit Salary Employees are still not showing; 


When Benefit Salary is filled out it has to satisfy 2 requirements for it to allow employees to pull to MPL; 


1 - Must have FTE > 0

2 - LTO_IND under EC_JOBS must = NULL or 0. It cannot be 1. 


There are 2 LTO_IND fields, one under EC_EMPLOYEE_POSITIONS which is the Y/N button on Position & Assignment screen - but the one in question is under EC_JOBS which correlates to the Exclude from Benefits checkbox on the Job Class screen


Since this checkbox is the only area it affects, this field just needs to be updated to either NULL or 0, thus not excluding them from Benefits to have the Benefit Salary field work and pull Temp/Casual groups onto MPL file. 


This field can also be changed by going to OPC > Job Class > Uncheck Exclude from Benefits field) then re-generate to see the Employees pull. 


The same rules seem to Apply for the Benefit Salary under Staffing > Approved Leaves. When a leave is open with Leave FTE, this Benefit Salary is applied and has the Employee appear on the Leave File along as Inactive.