OTIP Position Record Duplication for Leave Workaround

ISSUE: Some boards do not want to end Position record when putting an employee on leave due to internal process reasons such as 1) Maintaining Seniority, 2) Pay STATHOL.

Thus, causing the Position Record to need to remain open and therefore impact OTIP MPL files.


FIX: Utilize the Duplication functionality for Position Records to End Date current Position with benefits, Duplicate the record and remove the Benefit Flag for the duration of the Leave. 

This allows a Position with FTE to remain for Seniority, STATHOL and other purposes. 


Employee Position


where EMPLOYEE_ID = 'xxxx'

and POSITION_END_DATE > '2023-04-01'

**Position was Active, and is now End Dated. Leave will start the following day


Employee Salary


where EMPLOYEE_ID = 'xxxx'

and SALARY_START_DATE > '2021-06-01'

**Salary Record is Active, Employee Group matches Position Record


Duplicate Position and configure Benefit Plan = NONE

IMPORTANT NOTE: When you duplicate the position you need to choose 


where EMPLOYEE_ID = 'xxxx'


**End Dated old Position, ensure new Position has Benefit Plan = NONE to exclude from Benefits

**Thus, retaining the Active Position/FTE and maintaining an Audit Trail of dates – while going on leave


-Enter Approved Leave for Today (Leave FTE = 1.0, Full Leave)

Staffing > Approved Leaves > xxxx > Full Leave



where EMPLOYEE_ID = 'xxxx'



Generate HRIS File > OTIP > Test > Submit


Work Status = LA (Leave as of 20230517) - CORRECT



Only one POS record – Start&End CORRECT

Benefit Plan = NONE à Keeps the new record OFF

Also maintains a Position record WITH FTE, good for STATHOL and Seniority



Correct Effective Date – LEV Record

Displays CORRECT Position Start/End Date



OUTCOME: Correct Member status, no second Position record, new Leave record