Future Terminations Process Overview

GOAL: Process overview of the newly implemented Future Terminations Process. 


Process Overview

PHASE 1 – Future Termination Entry

Staffing > Employee Termination > Employee ID

Configure a Future Termination Date

IMPORTANT NOTE: As soon as you enter a Future Termination Date, notice that the Activity Code changes to ‘Termination Activity Code

Termination Activity Code à Users are expected to enter the desired Activity Code for the Future Termination upon expiration within this field. 

  • This field serves as a ‘placeholder’ within the EC_EMPLOYEE table.
    1. Activity Code field will remain ‘Active’ while Termination is ‘Future’


Note: When entering a Past or Current Termination Date, Activity Code remains on the module since any entry with a current or past Termination Date will take immediate effect. Hence the use of Activity Code directly. 


Outcome: Correct behavior of Work Status, Effective Date and POS End Date for Past, Current and Future terms


Sample query demonstrating both Current Terminations (TOP 2) and Future (BOTTOM 5) Terminations


where EMPLOYEE_ID in ('xxx''xxyy''yyzz''zzxx''xyxy''yzyz''zxzx')

IMPORTANT NOTE: The defining feature of Future Terminations is the use of EMP_TERMINATION_ACTIVITY_CODE value as a placeholder for EMP_ACTIVITY_CODE while Activity Code remains as Active in the mean time

  • This allows Employees to remain Active on MPL in the mean time

**Past/Current Terminations use Activity Code directly, while EMP_TERMINATION_ACTIVITY_CODE remains NULL** 


PHASE 2 = Employee Activity Code Update scheduled job

Purpose: Scheduled Job to replace Activity Code with TERM_Activity_Code, on the Termination Date

Note: This is a new stored procedure and will run automatically in perpetuity following Patch 43. 

Note: This process will add records in EC_EMPLOYEE_AUDIT table to reflect all changes

Once the Termination Activity Code transfers to Activity Code via the Scheduled Job, Termination Activity Code will return to NULL. 

The system will then use EMP_TERMINATION_ACTRIVITY_CODE = NULL as a requirement to filter records out of future Employee Activity Code Update scheduled process. 


Note: The scheduled Job will run under EdsembliSystemUser which is hard coded. 

**This process is hard coded to run at 10:30pm every evening**

Important Note: EdsembliSystemUser is not a new user, its simply a placeholder for auditing purposes so that when reviewing data, you can see that the EdsembliSystemUser modified the values. 


System > Audit > Employee Audit Inquiry > Search EMP ID > See the changes


WHERE EMPLOYEE_ID IN ('xxxx''yyyyy''zzzzz')


**Audit Records for changes made by the new Process under EdsembliSystemUser** 


Results can be verified under EC_EMPLOYEE


where EMPLOYEE_ID in ('xxxx''yyyyy''zzzzz') 

**EMP_ACTIVITY_CODE has updated accordingly, and will now reflect on MPL Files**

Note: The EMP_TERMINATION_ACTIVITY_CODE value has returned to NULL. 


Generate HRIS File > OTIP > Test


**Work Status and Effective Date have updated accordingly**


**End Date updated accordingly to match the Effective Date**