RBC Benefit MPL File Overview & Setup

GOAL: To provide an in-depth overview of how to setup and process Benefit Files for new Provider, RBC. 


Board Control > Benefits > Benefit Provider Configuration

New Benefit Provider = RBC

OTIP Code Mapping

**Mimic this for RBC baseline Cope Mapping**

Benefit Provider = RBC

**Baseline configuration for RBC Provider Mapping controls**

Note: Cope Mapping will need to be configured for RBC as it is a new Benefit Provider. The system relies on this mapping to understand what Work Status Employees are to be reported as on MEM File.

Interface ID = Board Number + “RBC” 

  • Sample: “B12345RBC”

Employer Group ID = Board Number

  • Sample: “B12345”

NOTE: Ensure you update the Interface ID and Employer Group ID as necessary for your board, as the release contained generic values. 

Board Control > Benefits > Benefit Carrier Code Maintenance > Benefit Provider = RBC

Add the appropriate Employee Groups under Benefit Provider = RBC

  • In this example, Senior Management group


**Senior Management (TRUSTEES) configured at group level**

IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure the Client ID, Plan and Class matches EMPLOYEE GROUP MAINTENANCE module


Board Control > General Tables > Employee Group Maintenance

**Ensure Division Code, Class and Subdivision matches Client ID, Plan and Class from Carrier Code**


Staffing > Position and Assignment

**Ensure Position is Active, FTE > 0 and Benefit Plan = RBC**


Benefits > Import/Export > Generate HRIS File

Choose Submit to initiate the creation of the RBC MPL Files. 


Process > Queued/Completed

**Naming updated accordingly**



MEM File

**Members generate as expected**


POS File

**Positions generate as expected**


Import File Process

Payroll > Board > Deduction Codes > Create LTD

**Ensure LTD is created** 


Payroll > Board > Deduction Codes > Affiliate RBC to LTD

**Ensure that your Deduction Code = LTD is configured with Algorithm Code = RBC**


Benefits > Imports/Exports > Import Payroll Deduction File


Process > Queued/Completed


Payroll Import File Records Processed Report

**Report displays all records that have been processed successfully**


Payroll Import File Error Report

**Report displays all erroneous records**


Payroll > Employee > Non-Statutory Deductions

**Ensure that the deductions imported from the file are reflected at the employee level**

ADDITIONAL: Approved Leaves configuration

Staffing > Approved Leaves 

**Configure Benefit Plan = RBC and ensure Leave is Current with Leave FTE > 0**