LAPP Seniority Service Setup


OPTION: Create Employee level Seniority Service configuration for LAPP in mass by using Seniority Service Default module

Note: As long as LAPP Seniority Service has been identified as a Default in Board Control > Seniority Service > Group Seniority Service


Board Control > Seniority Service > Seniority Service Group

**Choose the Employee Group in question > Search**

Choose the Action Icon > Modify > Add New > Seniority Code = LAPP

**Ensure Type = PE, Mandatory Indicator = Y, Required Allocation = Yes and Allocation Period = Group Date**

Note: Repeat and configure Seniority Code = LAPP under all applicable Employee Groups


Staffing > Staff Management > Search & Select EID

**Employee must belong to one of the EMP_GROUP with Seniority Code = LAPP configured**


Seniority Service > Employee Seniority Service > Edit > Add New

**EMP GROUP selected must have Seniority Code = LAPP defined or else it will not be shown here**

Ensure any previous Seniority Service Value is entered. This value is considered to be the starting point the system will then allocate on top of. 


If a Duplicate LAPP record is attempted to be entered, the system will throw the below error indicating that a record with Seniority Code = LAPP already exists and there cannot be duplicates. 


Staff Management > EID > Seniority Service > See LAPP Seniority Record

**Here we can see the configured LAPP record**

Rinse and repeat this process for all applicable employees. 



Staffing > Staffing Reports

Scroll down until Seniority Service Header > Employee Seniority Service Default

This module will display a chart of all EMP GROUPS with all associated Seniority Service Codes defined for each group, record by record. 


Locate the EMP_GROUP and Seniority Code combination in question and configure Seniority Service Eligible Start Date (Example: 2023/09/01) and Trial = Y

IMPORTANT NOTE: Always run processes in Tria first so that you can review the changes that are made via Report before committing these changes to the system. 

**Once the desired configuration is complete – choose Save record**

An ‘Updated Successfully’ notification will confirm the change saved successfully. 


Choose Submit to start the report. A blue Notification will confirm the Report has been Submitted. 


Reports > Process Reports

**Choose Employee Seniority/Service Default Report**


Use either PDF or Excel to view the results of the Trial run 

Note: Only once you have reviewed the results of the Trial report and are satisfied should you return and run the Report in Update mode. 


Staffing > Staffing Reports > Update? = Y > Save

Choose Submit to process the updates


Reports > Process Reports > Refresh until Complete

**Update Report was Successful**


Review PDF to ensure same results as prior

**Note Update/Trial = U (Update Mode)**


Sample Employee within EMP_GROUP in question (BEFORE BULK UPDATE)

**no LAPP Seniority Service record**



 **LAPP Seniority Service record populated** 

IMPORTANT NOTE: This Update will only distribute the Seniority Code in question to Active Employees.