Step 1: Adding a new homeroom 

Main menu> setup rooms. click on the + and add your new room 

Step 2: Adding class sections 

School setup> homerooms (this year) > click on the + to add in your new homeroom 

Add in your Room number> Designation and Teacher > click on assigned classes > your choices will automatically save

Click add grade> select the grade> save

Click on the + and choose the class you wish to add, in this example we will choose MUS2 > SAVE

The system will automatically assign the next letter section if the class is already in the cloi


Step 3 - Changing the section best practice 

If you wish to change the section of the class go back to setup> class info> classes (this year) 

Click on the down arrow beside the sections Click SAVE when you have selected the correct section. 

Once you click SAVE you can see the changes to the sections in the classes file.