Assigning Timetables

This tool provides a quick way to add the same class, or multiple classes, to a group of students. For example, if all students in the same homeroom take all or some of their classes together, use this option to quickly add their classes. This is much faster than editing each student’s timetables, one at a time.


Classes can be added to either this year’s timetables or next year’s timetables.


Each student has a dated record of all their timetable adds and drops (for this year’s timetable). An add is recorded automatically for each newly added class.


Note: A class will not be added if the student already has a class scheduled during that time. If classes need to be removed prior to adding new ones, the Delete classes or Clear timetables tool may be run first. Delete classes allows you to select specific classes to remove, whereas the clear timetables tool will remove all classes from the timetables of the selected students.


To access this tool, choose Student tools > Timetables then select THIS YEAR or NEXT YEAR on the Add classes card, depending on whether you are adding classes to this year’s timetables or next year’s timetables.



The Timetable - Add classes main screen will appear:



First, the group of students is selected from the standard student filter settings. In the example below, the filter is set to homeroom and an individual homeroom is selected. If a homeroom has split grades, it is possible to add the classes to just the students in the homeroom who are in a particular grade, rather than adding it to all students in the homeroom.


Select an order from the header drop down list. Alphabet is the default but you can also choose Class, Group, Grade, Excursion, Homeroom, Defined character, and Advisor group. Student reports common features describes the order selection information.


Include students registered - Select the registered type, both this year and next year. This year only (not returning), Next year only or Withdrawn (no longer enrolled this year).

Sort by - Select Room number, Designation or Teacher.

School year - Select This year or Next year.

Classes included - Simply start typing the name of the class that you want to add. Select the classes by clicking the class in the search list.



As each class is selected, it will appear in the Classes to add card:



You can delete individual courses from this card by selecting the row's delete icon. To clear all classes, select the delete icon in the header.


Options - Check that this card has the selected settings that you want for these 2 additional fields:

  1. Check prerequisite courses: If prerequisite information is defined for courses (e.g., you must have course 1 before taking course 2), select this option if you want the application to first check to see that the student has fulfilled the necessary requirements before adding the class into the student’s timetable. If the required prerequisite course is in the student’s completed courses or current timetable, the class will be added.
  2. Adjust course fees where applicable: Select this option if course fees are used in your school. If course fees apply to a class, when the class is successfully added, the corresponding course fee will be added to the student’s fees.


Once all the classes appear in the Classes to add card, and all other options are set correctly, select the ADD CLASSES button in the bottom bar. The newly added classes will appear in the students’ timetables.