ISSUE: Client needs to add a second hourly position to an employee that is currently in a salary position


Step 1Staffing > Position and Assignment  

Find Employee using employee ID, and right click button under current positions > New Record: 


Add the new Hourly Position for the Employee

Note: FTE is usually 0 for a Timesheet Employee. 


When adding an hourly position, you must choose a relevant Employee Group (typically Payment Method 3/4) 

Note: Employee Primary Group remains the same (Salary Position) despite the newly added Hourly Position with a different employee group code. 


Step 2: Add the Salary and Allowance record for the employee.  

Go to Compensation > Salary and Allowance, search for the employee and add a new record: 

Note: Position details (group, job, location) must match, same start date as well. 


Step 3: Under Payroll > Pay Inputs > Timesheets > Hourly Rate, create a Batch number (ex: MA001) for the Employee Group of that employee (ex: PARTTIME) and the Pay Number you want to run it for (ex: 202314), and save. 



Step 4: Under Timesheet Entry, enter Employee ID and TAB.  

Enter Timesheets and save. 


Step 5: Payroll > Pay Inputs > Timesheets > Batch Post and Reverse > Post the batch you made (ABC001) > Select Task Indicator = P (Post) > Save > Submit  


Step 6: Run Pay 

The entered hourly timesheets will appear under the report: