You have a student who did not complete a class and will continue the following School year in order to complete it.  The student has already a temporary mark for the class. 



The first step, will be to add completed courses for all your Students as normal. 

Go to the Student records > Achievement > Completed courses > Course enrolment marks > select the course > Edit 


At the bottom left, you have a box checked "Mark is approved" - Unckecked it 


Then you will scroll up and you will check the "Continuing" box and add SCM course completion as required > SAVE 


Once you select "Continuing" (you need to set course completion to COMPLETE first) - DO NOT Approve the course enrolment.    

If you approve there is an error because the 0 mark will be submitted.  If you just save and don't approve it works. 


 This process will blank it for PASI. 

Here is some additional information related to it: 

Continuing: The student is continuing their study across course enrolments and this course enrolment is expected to have a related successor course enrolment. In Maplewood, this course enrolment status can be entered for a course once it has been added to the student’s completed courses.  By selecting this status, the mark information will be removed from PASI.  

Once the continuing option is selected it blanks it out for PASI because it is not completed..