PASI Tools – Board Level 

Initial Synchronization  
Use to sync PASI Prep data to edsembli.  
- This process will reset the sync service with PASI Prep. 

This includes a comparison of student personal data, school enrolments, course enrolments, and class sections between PASI and edsembli SIS. 

 Note: The Initial sync process can take a couple of hours to complete, depending on the amount of data being processed.   
Note:This Initial Sync process runs in the background and will not block any user from accessing edsembli.  
 Currently we don’t have a notification for when the sync is complete. You can ask us to check and let you know. 

Tip: We recommend running this at the end of the day, or end of the week if possible, allowing enough time to sync all data.  

Submit Data Not Currently In PASI  

- This process will submit data (sections and enrolments) from edsembli to PASI if a record does not exist in PASI Prep. 

(When no Ref ID exists in PASI).

 Note: This process will not push or replace existing data in PASI, even if the information in PASI is out dated. This is only to submit data to blank fields in PASI Prep.  

 Copy student contact info from PASI  
IMPORTANT: This feature OVERWRITES Student contact info in edsembli for ALL schools. 
- This process pulls all expired student contact info (address and phone numbers) from PASI and overwrites contact data in edsembli for ALL students. All expired address and phone numbers for active students. 

 Note: This is usually run for new accounts that is connecting to PASI for the first time and needs to pull data into edsembli.

Tip: This feature should not be used to update or sync only a couple of students or individual students. Those individual records could be fixed by Pulling or Pushing info from the Student Record directly.  

 Update course enrolment registration status 

- Alberta Education does not want any auto submissions to PASI from the SIS. 

In order to generate update actions for the course enrolments from Registered to Active, this tool allows users to do this en masse.
- This process is used to update course enrolments registrations for ALL students from “Registered” to “Active”, based on the current administration date, as well as course enrolment start date. 

Note: Currently, this information does not switch automatically. This card is usually used at the start of the second Semester to change course enrolments from “Registered” to “Active”.  

- This card will only be available to schools that have Grade 10, 11 or 12 defined within the table of grades.

- The program will look at all PASI course enrolments (Grade 10, 11 and 12) with a status of Registered and compare the start date in the student timetable register (for these courses). 

If the SIS date is greater than or equal to the start date within the student timetable register, the status will get updated to Active.

Enrolments will not be updated:
- for students who do not have an ASN assigned 

- for students who have a 'School Year Status' = Withdrawn 

- for students who have a 'School Year Status' = Next Year Only 

transactions will not be based on student grade but based on the course enrolments assigned to the student - as there may be some students who are enrolled in grade 10, 11 or 12 courses that are not physically in those grades.