PASI Manager

 Menu > PASI > PASI Client > PASI Manager 


 Available tabs running across the top of the screen: 

Students – Summary, Filter by Record types, Alert Types 

Not In PASI – Students in edsembli, but not In PASI (Need to add these students for funding purposes) 

PASI Only Students – Students in PASI, but not in edsembli SIS yet. 

Alerts – All alert types 

Mark Approvals – Pending mark approvals 

Non-PASI Grade Students – All students with a Non-PASI Grade – Grade not accepted by PASI 

Class Sections – Class sections syncing or not syncing with PASI 


Tip: Use the “Record Type” and “Alert Type” filers to narrow down search results and improve page load time. 

Note: The PASI Manager screen does take some time to load depending on the amount of data to process and load.  

From the Board Level, you will have an additional filter to select a specific school. 

From the School level, you will only see the data specific to that school.


Once you click the filter button, you will see a list of students with a dropdown available for each student listed in the results.


Review the additional tabs for specific Alerts. (These tabs will only display if there are alerts for this student record).

Here we can see the Record type, Alert Code, Alert type, Status and Description from PASI: 


 Summary info will show a summary of all alert types by affected Record Type: