From the Student Record in edsembli, you will see a PASI Statistics card on Student Record Summary screen: 

Clicking on this card will take you to the PASI Summary Page within the Student Record 
(or from the menu option: Student Record > PASI) 


PASI Compare
As you start working through the PASI menu items (on the left) within the Student Record, you will see a PASI Compare window in each of these menu items that compares the data between edsembli SIS and PASI Prep:

Keeping in mind that you will be able to find the information displaying in the edsembli column, within the student record menu items here: 

The data in Edsembli and PASI should be in sync in near real-time,  however PASI will create a notification if it detects that the data is not in sync. 
Notifications typically appear when the record versions are not in sync, such as when data is changed directly in PASIprep rather than Edsembli or if the service used to update data in PASI failed to successfully resolve a notification. 
If a notification exists, the following icon will appear in the app bar:


Any discrepancies will be highlighted and provide you the option to either Push the info from edsembli to PASI, or Pull the information from PASI to edsembli:

Example: Let’s Pull the correct info from PASI, and make sure the discrepancy is resolved: 


Alerts, Rejections, Warnings or Discrepancies that are showing up in the PASI Manager screen, will also show on the Student Record > PASI Compare screen:  

On the Course Enrolment or School enrolment PASI Compare screens, you should be able to select a specific school enrolment period at the top of the screen, should there be multiple enrolments for the student:

On each PASI Compare screen, you will have access to an Audit History screen to indicate changes made to the student record: