Here are some areas that will indicate when a Student is not in PASI. 

A) On the PASI Manager Screen > Not In PASI (tab)

B) On the Student Record - No ASN is displaying. 

    - Some students might not have an ASN yet.  

    - Alberta Student Number (ASN) is created in PASI, and is not an editable field in edsembli SIS. 

C) The PASI icon on the Student Record has a strikethrough. 

D) Warning indication on the student record that the student is not in PASI  


  – Providing an option to Add the Student Record to PASI:


***** NOTE*******

IF the add student to PASI does not sync the record with PASI please check the SOURCE DOCUMENT information of the student

Student record>Personal>Name>Edit then you will need to Edit the record again (click on the student name with the Legal and Preferred) and add the Source Document info

After the Source Document info is set you can then go and add the student to PASI and it will sync.