At the end of each semester/term (or more frequently if students are completing continuous entry classes), the following

steps are suggested for the school office:

To go to Add Completed Courses:
Student tools > Completed courses > Add completed courses 

Achievement > Completed courses > Add completed courses 


1) Before we add completed courses, it is always a good idea to first check a couple of classes per grade to make sure there is an official mark present. (Achievement > Class Marks & Comments)

2) If not, make sure the teacher marked the class as ”Done” and check that there is a mark in the Official Mark Column.

3) Then go to Add completed Courses > Check Teachers

Use the CHECK TEACHER option on the card to monitor whether the teachers are done their official marks. 

The classes without a check mark will be ignored, however you may still proceed with the next steps, knowing that you will need to repeat all these steps when the official marks are done for the ignored classes.




4) Review official Marks NOT done:




5) Make sure the start and end date is applicable to the correct time frame:



6) Select classes and click the Change Mark Status button. (This step will change from “NOT Done” to “Done”.) 




7) Change the view to review “Official Marks Done”:


Add Completed Courses

8)  Now, go to Achievement > Add Completed Courses > Go


Important: Please make sure that the Start and End date is applicable to the correct time frame

Completion Date: Is the date that will show in the student's completed courses.

This step adds newly completed courses to the students’ completed courses area of student records. 

This step may be repeated multiple times.


Note: A course will not be duplicated if it was previously added. If the course has already been added for a student, it will be ignored completely, even if the teacher changed the mark, or this step is being run with a different completion date.


Start date and End dates: enter a date range (start and end date). This range will be used to determine which classes to search to see if official marks are done. Classes with end dates in the range will be considered, only if the teacher has indicated that the official marks for the class are “Done”. 

Note: Class end date is a field in the setup of each class. 
Continuous entry classes Students with continuous entry classes where the student’s completion date is in this range, will also be considered.


Completion date: Enter the completion date of the class. 

This is the date that will be recorded in the student’ record, regardless of the actual class end date. 

Continuous entry classes, however, will use the student’s completion date, not the date on this form.

Note: The field is called Completion date (PASI mark assignment date):  This date can be today’s date or any date earlier in the school year.  This date will be used as the Mark Assignment Date in PASI, which may not be a future date.  

Approve mark: When the dates are set correctly, check the Approve mark box.  This box must be checked before you may access the ADD button on the bottom bar.  By checking this box, the mark information will be submitted to PASI as approved.


9) Select the ADD button in the lower right corner.

- If the ADD button is disabled:  There is no check mark in the ‘Approve mark’ box.  


- If the ADD button is greyed out: This process can only be run for one school at a time, due to potential issues with updating concurrent students at the same time. If the add button is not currently available, check back shortly. 
If the process is currently running at another school, the add button will not be available.

10) A report will be generated of any students who were not updated because marks were missing. This should not be possible unless the ‘official marks done’ was checked before marks were entered.  


11) Check a few students to see that the newly completed courses were added using Student’s record > Achievement > Completed courses.


12) Check a few students to see that the mark information was submitted to PASI using Student’s record > PASI > Course enrolment .

The following mark fields are submitted to PASI and will now appear in the student’s PASI course enrolment record:

  • Mark Format: Always set to Percent for course marks.
  • Mark Value: The mark assigned by the school (teacher) from 0 to 100.
  • Mark Assignment Date: The date the mark was submitted to PASI. Note: the student’s course enrolment exit date must be within 30 days of the mark assignment date.
  • Mark is Approved: This should always be Yes when marks exist.

Continuous Entry Courses – How to mark as Completed and submit marks to PASI

Additional info: If you need additional information regarding Adding Completed Courses, please click on the following link to view the SIS Manual: