Student tools > Completed courses > Add completed courses 

Achievement > Completed courses > Add completed courses 


1) Before we add completed courses, it is always a good idea to first check a couple of classes per grade to make sure there is an official mark present. (Achievement > Class Marks & Comments) 
2) If not, make sure the teacher marked the class as ”Done” and check that there is a mark in the Official Mark Column. 

2) Then go to Add completed Courses > Check Teachers 

3) To review official Marks NOT done you can toggle between Official Marks "Done" and "Not Done" 
by clicking the following icon:


Change if necessary, by checking the box next to the class and selecting the 

CHANGE MARK STATUS option on the bottom right.


4) Make sure the start and end date is applicable to the correct time frame: 


5) Select classes and click the Change Mark Status button. (This step will change from “NOT Done” to “Done”.) 



6) Change the view to review “Official Marks Done” : 

7)  Now, go to Achievement > Add Completed Courses > Go 

8) Please make sure that the Start and End date is applicable to the correct time frame. 

9) “Completion Date” is the date that will show in the student's completed courses. 
10) Click the ADD button 

Note: Previously added courses will be ignored. They will not be added again with the new date. 

11) If the ADD button is greyed out: 

* This process can only be run for one school at a time, due to potential issues with updating concurrent students at the same time. If the add button is not currently available, check back shortly. If the process is currently running at another school, the add button will not be available. 



Additional info: If you need additional information regarding Adding Completed Courses, please click on the following link to view the SIS Manual: 
SIS Manual - Add Completed Courses