Marking a Continuous Class as "Completed".

A continuous course can run all year long and students can finish the course at any time during the school year.   

1) Open the student that completed the course. 

2) Under Achievement, make sure the teacher has entered a mark. 

3) Navigate to the timetable & edit it. (SAVE the timetable when you are done. )

4) Click the course that they finished and click Cont. entry Start/completion dates:

Or here:

or here:

5) Fill in the completion status and the rest of the fields as needed, on the pop up window:

Note: Enable the "Post" checkbox to post the mark.

6) Click Save

7) The completed course should then show up under Course workload - Completed

8) If posted, wait a minute and the marks will appear in course will be in the completed courses card.

Similar options to add completed courses in ConnectEd: 

8) To add completed courses to the student's transcript follow the guideline to to Add completed courses:
(Menu > Achievement > Add Completed Courses > Go)