To find out who has the top average in your school you can ask us to run a script to get that name.

Before you ask us to do this please ensure that 

-final marks have been added to completed courses 

-diplomas have been defined for the grade 12 students.


To be eligible, a secondary school must follow the provincial/territorial syllabus 

and award the secondary school diploma. The school must offer senior-level 

secondary courses according to the provincial/territorial requirements. Currently, 

the final year of secondary school is secondary V in Quebec; completion of 

30 credits resulting in an OSSD in Ontario; completion of 28 credits in Manitoba

resulting in a secondary school diploma; and grade 12 in all other provinces and 


8.1 A BRONZE medal is awarded to the student who achieves the highest average

upon graduation from a secondary school.

8.2 The average includes all grade 11 and grade 12 courses (secondary IV and V

in Quebec) as listed on the student’s official Transcript of Grades issued by the 

ministry of education. The average cannot be anticipated; it must be calculated

based on final results after provincial/territorial examinations, where the ministry 

of education requires final exams. 

8.3 Equitable access for the entire student population is an important aspect of the

medal’s value. Regardless of the stream or the subjects chosen, all students are

eligible for consideration upon graduation.

8.4 Courses taken after graduation to upgrade marks are not to be included