1) From the current enroled School level: 

2) Student record >Enrolment > Student Enrolment > School Enrolment > Edit > Change status to Withdrawn.  

3) Set the exit description.  

4) Select the correct Destination School. 


5) At the destination school: 
6) To see a list of students waiting to be enrolled into your board/division, choose Student tools > Add new student  

7) select GO on the Enrol students from this board/division card. 


8) The students to be transferred section will show students waiting to be transferred.  

9) Select the checkbox beside the student(s) you want to enrol and then select the ENROL button. 






Additional information: 


  • Information for IEP from previous school is transferred. 

  • Information for Incident from previous school is NOT transferred to the new school, but if you select previous schools from the dropdown, it will be available.