You may come across the situation where a teacher has accidentally check off the transcript mark box and now can no longer edit the markbook for that class. In this example the teacher checked off the box for this math class and lost access to continue editing it: 


Checking off that checkbox signifies that the teacher has now completed the markbook and no longer needs to edit any marks. As a safety precaution, checking off this box will lock the class markbook so it’s recommended that teachers only check the box off once they are finished all mark entry for the class. 


In edsembli this can be seen by going to Achievement- Completed Courses- Add Completed Courses- Check Teachers. Set the start and end dates to include the class date range that you want to edit. In this example the class operates in semester 1 so I changed my end date to January 21, 2022. Scroll down the list until you see the class that needs to be fixed. You will notice that there is a checkmark next to the class name. This signifies that the class is locked and ready to be uploaded to transcripts. While the teach can check off this box on the edsembli CONNECT side, they cannot uncheck it. Only someone going in through edsembli can uncheck this box. Simply click on the checkmark and it will disappear, reopening the markbook for the teacher. 


The reason we have this checkmark system is because when we run the process of uploading courses to transcripts, we need to be careful that only completed courses with a complete markbook is entered so that each student gets the correct mark. Only the classes that are checked off in the check teachers screen will upload.