You may come across the situation where you cannot see the option of adding a comment to a class. The teacher may have reported this from when they look in edsembli CONNECT or you may have seen the issue when accessing the markbook under Achievement- Marks and Comments- Class Marks & Comments. In this example, the class MULT_Aa is not displaying comments: 


The only topic this class has is Overall Grade and it needs to include the comment. 

The first thing we need to do is find out what achievement profile is attached to the class. From the main menu go to setup- Class Info- Classes- This Year, search for the class and edit it. In this screen you will see the achievement profile that the class currently has assigned. In my case the profile is called Multi Subject: 


Now that we know the profile, lets go to the board level and from the main menu go to Setup- Marks & Comments- Achievement Parameters. In this screen use the achievement profile dropdown to select on the profile we are interested in looking at and use the setup parameter dropdown to select Comments: 


We can see here that there is no parameters setup for comments. We will have to build these. Based on your province and school your comment sizing and width my differ. Click the plus icons to add the parameters. Here is what mine look like after finishing: 


Now that the comment parameters are set up, let’s go back to the school level and look at the class’s markbook under Achievement- Marks & Comments- Class Marks and Comments: 


We can see now that comments are populated and able to be entered for this class.