Merge Duplicate students -How to

**Alberta schools/Divisions can not use this feature due to PASI at this time**


  1. From the Dashboard Menu – Select board


2. Select Student tools, Merge duplicate students

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3. Select student tools, Merge duplicate students. Select whether to include past students, and how many years' worth of past students (years = years since they moved to past)


4. Select the search method:

*Note: The software currently protects against students having the same OEN or student number, but there is the possibility that older records exist with duplicates on these fields, so these are available to search. The most common search will be on Surname/ Given name.


5. Select the search icon. Results will show in the “Duplicate students” grid. From there, select the students to merge. 

6. The option Keep # on the “older” record will allow the user to keep the student number of the older record, if desired.


7. Merge only one student at a time. When the process is done, select another student to merge.

Note* Information from the most recent record is kept (Contacts, enrolment etc). If you plan to merge the students, and want any information from the past record kept, please make note of the information before merging, and manually adjust after the process. Application has no way to determine which information is the most correct, user intervention will be required.