In this example I need to run a quick report to identify students who have a next year grade of 9 attached to the records. 

1. Log into the school you need to run the report from> student reports> popular> quick reports> Click "RUN"

2. For this quick report I need next year grade and OEN, click on grade info

3. Click the arrow to add Grade- next year 

4. Click enrollment>arrow to add OEN to your list 

5. Once you have your options > click next  

6. Select all the options you need; in this example I need all students even withdrawn

 Click "import_export" In some cases you may need to search Past students. 

8. Click on your notification bell >Click "Preview - QuickReport_Student_20231129081957.csv"

When you preview the quick report an Excel file will be created, and you can then add filters and choose what you want to filter, in this example I only want to see students who have next year grade 9

10 Main menu> student records> I copied the OEN and pasted into student search

11. Click on the student 

12. Click Classes> edit the grade information section

13. Click on Next year tab and you will find grade 9 selected, change this to grade 8 

14. Click "SAVE"

Now that these changes have been made you can go back to the board level to remove the grade in the grades table. 

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