Here are some tips to prepare your Excel spreadsheet for a mail merge. Make sure:

  1. Column names in your spreadsheet match the field names you want to insert in your mail merge. For example, to address readers by their first name in your document, you'll need separate columns for first and last names.
  2. All data to be merged is present in the first sheet of your spreadsheet.
  3. Data entries with percentages, currencies, and postal codes are correctly formatted in the spreadsheet so that Word can properly read their values.
  4. The Excel spreadsheet to be used in the mail merge is stored on your local machine.
  5. Changes or additions to your spreadsheet are completed before it's connected to your mail merge document in Word.


Step 1: Export the Report in excel and save it on your local disk.  

Step 2: Save the Excel sheet after all the necessary changes are made to the sheet.

Step 3: Open a blank Word document.

Step 4: Click on Tab labelled “Mailings”, upon Click below Ribbon will be displayed.

Step 5:Click on “Start mail Merge” you can select either of the below options.  

Note: Step by step wizard provides all steps required for mail merge


Step 6: For using E-mail messages, click on email message and then click on “Select Recipients” to Connect to your data source for mailing to the recipients.

Step 7Select the “Use an Existing List” from the Dropdown options.


Step 8: Go to Mailings > Select Recipients > Use an Existing List, then select the file path where the excel sheet is stored (Data Source).


Step 9: Choose Edit Recipient List.


Step 10In Mail Merge Recipients, clear the check box next to the name of any person who you don't want to receive your mailing. By default all recipients are selected.


Step 11: On the document you can add the greeting and customize your message.   to add a greeting line, choose Greeting Line.

Step 12: The data from excel sheet is inserted into the document through the “Insert Merge field” The merge fields come from the column headings in the excel sheet.  

Step 13: To include the data from the sheet, click or tap where you want the merge field.

Step 14: Choose the down-arrow under Insert Merge Field and select a field.


Step 15: The email message can be customized message with data to be included from the selected merge field as seen below.


Step 16: After you insert the merge fields you want, preview the results to confirm that the content is okay. and when you're ready to complete the merge process.

Go to Mailings> Preview Results.


Click the Next and Previous arrow icons to move through records in your data source and view how they appear in the document.

Go to Finish & Merge > Print Documents or Send E-mail Messages.