Employee Information (Address & Contact) will not Save successfully

ISSUE: Under Employee Spotlight > Employee Information – data within these tabs can not be updated and saved as the system will not update when save is clicked. 

This is preventing personal information from being updated. Specifically Address & Contact > Email Address configuration. 

FIX: When saving changes to Employee Spotlight, the system is reviewing information under EC_EMPLOYEE which can include configuration beyond the screens being used. 

Verify Contract Code value is not NULL (Blank). This can be fixed by assigning a “dummy” <N/A> value. 


Board Control > General Tables > Miscellaneous Code > Search > Code Type = CF

Edit > Add New

**Create the ‘dummy’ placeholder value of “<N/A>” or “NULL” to be assigned to employees without Contract Code** 


Staffing > Staff Management > Position and Assignment > Modify > Absence and Contract Tab

**Configure Position Contract Code = N/A or NULL as a placeholder**

Once the desired changes have been configured choose Save. Notice the Green Notification to confirm the changes have been saved. 


Staffing > Staff Management > Employee Information > Address & Contact > Edit > Update Changes > Save

**Here we Updated the Preferred Email Address to Work, removed Personal Email, and re-populated the Work Email Address**