MPL File - As Of Date Information & Functionality

GOAL: To discuss the best practices and how the As Of Date works within Benefits > Generate HRIS File and MPL Reports. 


Current Date & As Of Date Differences: 

Current Date = Today's date 

  • As shown on your computer

As Of Date = Current Date + 1 Month

  • Shown in Generate HRIS File module

Important Note: The As Of Date is automatically generated when you open the Generate HRIS File module to a date that is 1 month from now, as it is meant to be an 'Outer Bound'

  • Whereas the Current Date is automatically picked up from your machine by the System and does not need to be configured.


Purpose: Anything outside of the As Of Date, or in other words anything that is further than 1 month away, is considered to be too far out and therefore the Generate HRIS Files will disregard this info. 

  • The As Of Date is how the system determines the outer bounds as to what is too far in advance and will therefore be disregarded. 

Steps to Resolve & Reset AsOfDate:

Click 'X' to close Generate HRIS File > then re-open module

AsOfDate will default to +1 month 

  • Current Date = 2023/08/08, therefore AsOfDate = 2023/09/08

From there simply select Benefit Plan > File Type > Submit

Important Note: Usually you will never need to change AsOfDate, as it automatically updates every time the Module is opened, using your machine’s Current Date, and adding +1 month. 

Error Message: “As Of Date must be greater than 2023/08/26”

**Current Date at time of Article = 2023/08/08**

The error message is telling us that the absolute soonest the AsOfDate should ever be based on the Current Date of 2023/08/08 is 2023/08/27 which is about 2.5 weeks out. 

Note: When Generating under File Type = Test, the error will be overlooked and the MPL Files will simply generate.

  • Error only occurs once improper AS Of Date is used under Production File Type


This is because OTIP/CUPE etc. is typically reported semi-monthly and you would want the current report to contain any upcoming data changes (Position End Dates, Salary End Dates, etc.) to encompass at least up until the next reporting period (roughly bi-monthly). 


Use F1 Help Menu for additional information > Search Generate HRIS File and Ctrl + F for ‘As Of Date

**Best practice for As Of Date = Current Date + 1 Month**

  • Defaulted value, therefore rarely adjust the As Of Date