Situation 1: 

You’ve created your classes for the School year and you realize that some of those need to be an E-Learning class. 

Solution 1: 

Set the course type as E-learning: 


Setup > Class info > Classes > select the class > Edit > in Course Type, you can set it as E-learning class 



Situation 2: 

  1. When reviewing the student transcripts, you realize that some of the completed courses should have been E-Learning. 

  1. When a student or just a few students took the class through the E-learning program and this class is already in Student records in "Completed courses". 

Solution 2: 

Student records > Achievement > Completed courses > Select the course > Edit > go to the E-Learning (bottom of the page) - check the box "Taken through E-learning" and add the credit associated with it.